Meeko Roadmap

On this page we outline upcoming features, enhancements and innovations that will shape the future of Meeko.

In Progress


Champion Builds
Aram Builds
Matchup Builds
Champion Counters
Champion Guides
Tier Lists
Aram Tier Lists
Basic match history analysis
Basic account analysis
Live Patch Notes
Upcoming Patch Notes
Champion Pool Analysis
Champion Synergies
Matchup Guides
Youtube VODs
Pro Builds
OTP Builds
Pro Play Data - LCK/LPL/LEC/LCS


Live Draft Suggestions
Advanced Game Analysis
Session Summaries
Loss Prevention
Learning Objectives
Positive Reinforcement
AI VOD Review

Desktop App

Conversation Memory
League Client Connection
Higher Quality Answers
Improved UI (Embeds)
Import Builds

In-Game Overlay

Improved UI
Voice Control